Light Up Your Life.

Now You Can Illuminate Even The Darkest Of Places, Keep Your Hands Free And Still Look Good.

You’ll Never Be In The Dark Again, Light Up Your Life With Easylight LED Glasses.

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Light Up Your Life With Easylight Glasses 

Now you can illuminate even the darkest of places, keep your hands free and still look good. 

A Lightbulb Moment - Literally

Easylight have turned simple reading glasses into the innovation of the decade. With two LED bulbs in the frames you can turn them on whenever you need to shed light on a situation, from reading in dim light at night without disturbing others, to doing those tricky tasks for which you need extra light. A perfect gift for yourself and almost anyone you know.

Italian Style, Functional Design

Browse our catalogue and choose from our great range of styles. Chic Italian designed frames with LED lights set in the frames at the temples so they’re discreet and stylish enough to wear day or night.